CI Global Network Headquarters


CIGN Headquarters is located in Waldo, Ohio.  Prophet Jim and Apostle Judy Stevens are a co-laboring team serving the network as Executive Directors.  This office is a direct line from Bishop Hamon to the nations.

CIGN makes all Christian International ministers knowledgeable of each other and promotes unity, relationship and ministry on a global scale. We fuel the flame of our God-ordained mission and purpose in the nations.

CI International Headquarters and Regions


International Headquarters

CI Australia/New Zealand
Apostle Greg & Prophetess Julie Bailey


CI Bahamas
Apostles Felix & Cyprianna Rolle

CI Canada
Apostles John & Barbara Burkholder

CI Central America
Apostles Luis & Mercedes Aquino

CI Europe
Dr. Sharon Stone & Greg Black

CI India
Apostles Darrell & Lenora Buck


CI Jamaica
Apostles Al & Melody Miller

CI Mexico
Apostles Cliff & Diane Bell


CI Papua New Guinea
Apostles Dian & Solita Warep


CI Puerto Rico
Apostles Ivan & Amarilys Garcia


CI Singapore
Apostle David Enoch & Apostle Hanna Lee


CI South Africa
Apostles Stuart & Debra-Lynn Marais

CI South America
Apostles Jorge & Jenny Reynoso


CI South Korea
Apostle Nora Parks


CI Sri Lanka
Apostles John & Tirusha Jesudason


CI Trinidad & Tobago
Apostles Ricardo and Kathleen Vincent


CI Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I.
Apostles Oscar & Ophelia Talbot
Apostle Elva Talbot


CI Ukraine

Apostles Maxim & Julia Belousov


Additional CIGN ministers are located and minister in Barbados, Belize, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Peru, and Taiwan.

For contact information on the above ministers and ministries please contact the CI Global Network office.